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Northside Athletics is focused on helping kids learn the basics of the sport, improve their skills and have fun! We leverage customized drills, activities and exercises to not only improve our players’ athletic skill sets, but to also build a culture of brotherhood, team camaraderie, hard work and friendship. We offer different camps geared towards basketball and football. 


Boys Basketball camp

grades 1 - 3

The boys basketball skills camp is a customized curriculum that was developed for both beginners and experienced training. Our camp not only focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the game, we are also keen to ensure fitness and sportsmanship. 

girls basketball camp

grades 1 - 4

In addition to Fundamentals, Fitness and Sportsmanship, the basketball skills camp will consist of training exercises, drills and routines to help the students’ agility, body coordination and overall wellness. 

flag football League

grades 1 - 4

We are really excited about our Flag Football Camp. It’s the first of its kind in our community to cater to this age group. The camp will teach the basics of how to play the game. From there, the students will learn various Wide Receiver routes, catching the football while running routes and develop potential students who show an excellent arm to become a future QB. 

Northside Athletics

Northside Fitness and Athletics was born based on this need after realizing the options for a professional sports outlet for children to blossom as young athletes at this age are limited.  After launching our pilot program in October 2021, we realized how impactful this was to our local community for a skills-based camp, and Northside Fitness and Athletics was created!

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